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Come visit the exquisite ambiance offering pampering personified...

As only the professionals of Norma Sherry & Co. and offer.


Old World Luxury

Experience the unique, eclectic details that adorn the spa. From its beautiful artwork by local artists, to custom painting from floor to ceiling, you'll be inspired and relaxed by the warm environment it creates. Around every corner and nook is a little gem.

The Spa

Seasoned Team

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Experienced, Professional, Caring, and Passionate. We've worked hard to bring together an amazing team of talented, sharp, and genuinely good people, who care about you and what you need. From strong hands, to sharp scissors, or the best wax- our team knows how to give you the best.

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A Unique Getaway

 Being taken out of hustle and bustle into a beautiful, relaxing environment. Let time slow down as we pamper you into a state of bliss. Massage the stress from your muscles. Indulge you skin with the finest ingredients on Earth. Look and feel stunning from custom-look makeup session. Read why we do what we do (and love it!), the spa life, and more.

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