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Our Professionals

Nicole Pigeon is the aesthetician every client wants in their lives. Her knowledge and attention to detail gives her clients the great satisfaction of knowing they are in the hands of an expert. More so, someone who truly cares about her client’s skin and has the skill and education to help them achieve their vision for their skin.

She has evolved to be a true master of her craft. Not resting on her laurels she has advanced her licenses and skill year after year assuring that she can offer her clients the cutting edge of skincare. Her expertise includes, but not excluded to European Facials, Makeup Applications (trained and certified by Aveda runway makeup artist), Microdermabrasions, Customized Couture Facials, Facial Treatments, Chemical Peels, Microblading (Permanent Eyebrows), Essential Oil Facials...

Additionally, she excels in microneedling procedures as well as a plethora of other aesthetic procedures.


Nicole is an impassioned aesthetician who truly believes that investing in your skin is a benefit that will last a lifetime.

Dwayne Wynne is originally from Liverpool, England…and yes, he still has that funny and very charming accent! He truly has hairdressing in his blood. His father, mother, both brothers and several aunts were all hairdressers.


For almost 30-years he has advanced his craft through a commitment to continuing education. This and a complete focus on his client’s specific needs enables him to provide an unparalleled level of service.


He is a color master specializing in expert color correction…and he’s a blonde guru ladies! Coupled with his extensive knowledge of a multitude of differing hair types his skill insures a perfect result.

And lest we forget our more manly clients: Dwayne is a skilled barber…

Jamia Shackleford is our talented nail technician. She is a Florida native and fell in love with nails when she was 15 during her high school cosmetology class. She is professional, kind and loves to make her clients happy. She puts in 100% with every client, every time. She specializes in SNS, Gel, Pedicures and Manicures!

Jayne James is a gifted and spiritually driven massage therapist.

Her expertise includes Swedish Massage that we call Relaxation Massage, Energy Work, Reflexology, Reiki, Therapeutic, Pre and Post Natal Massage.

She is also a very knowledgeable herbalist.


Jayne is passionate about treating the whole being and will often guide her clients with nutritional advice as well as meditation and breathing techniques. Like all of us at Norma Sherry, our desire is to enhance the human experience.

Daniel Liebowitz is an extraordinarily talented massage therapist. He has been working as such for more years than most: to suffice over 30-years! He is a deep worker expert, but he's not limited to deep tissue massage, he also performs therapeuetic work as well as cupping and kinesiology.

Angie Smith is our newest addition to Norma Sherry & Co. She is a passionate and masterful Massage Therapist who values the importance of creating a healing environment for her clients. In the past ten years she has mastered her craft blending an array of evolved modalities resulting in enhanced well-being, increased agility and movement and a better quality of sleep for her clients. 

Angie cares profoundly about every individual. She utilizes every skill to better her client's daily lives.

She strives to provide an understanding what ails her clients. Over the years she has found changing pain patterns is of utmost importance. You will depart uplifted, diminished discomfort and a better understanding of what is going on with your muscles and what you can do to change it. 

If you're ready to feel better and start the healing process, book an appointment with Angie, you'll be the victor!

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